African mango is a fruit of a tree from West Africa. For thousands of years the locals have used their seeds and medicinal purposes and hunting trips, as sustenance that gave them energy and hunger soothed them.

Today, African mango seed as a new proposal for nutritional supplementation, has swept the US and Europe reaches very strongly because of its beneficial properties and proven weight loss.

Ginseng is a natural product made ​​of herbs, which derived from the root of the genus Panax.It has been used for thousands of years in Asia due to its medicinal properties.
Ginseng use intheUnited States dates back totheeighteenth century, including George Washington noted in his diary the collection of grass.

Among the species used for pharmacological effects, the most used is Panax Ginseng, also called Chinese Ginseng or Ginseng.This is a small herbaceous plant belonging to the family Araliaceae, whose root is traditionally used by Chinese medicine.It has leaves divided into five lobes and purple flowers.The fruits are two drupes.The root is fleshy and thick, and eventually may adopt a manner reminiscent of the human figure.The roots that have more years of aging are richer in active ingredients.



We know the healthy properties and as an adjunct in weight control diets artichoke for the incorporate into your life wisely.

This delicious vegetable that actually is a cultivated variety of wild thistle, is present in Mediterranean cuisine for millennia. It has a significant amount of minerals, vitamins, trace elements and less than 30 calories per 100 grams of clean product. This last data and makes it suitable to be part of any balanced and sensible diet.

It is true that this Mediterranean vegetable is delicious, but do not think the same when you take consuming weeks. As you may have intuited, I will not recommend any diet Artichoke diet or anything like it. I do not agree with these ways of acting.

The horse chestnut,Aesculus hippocastanum,native to southeastern Europe and Asia, is known in most of the world becauseofthe healing properties of its seeds shiny brown, bark, flowers and leaves are processed to produce effective drugs to improve circulatory problems.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) approved its well established for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency characterized by swelling ofthelegs, heaviness, pain, fatigue, itching, tension and cramps in the calves use.Italso approves its traditional use in topical application for the treatment of symptoms of discomfort and heaviness of legs related to minor venous disorders and for the relief of signs associated with contusions (local edema and hematomas).

The major active ingredient of horse chestnut seed is the escina and anti-hemorrhagic figure in various pharmaceutical specialties.Escin has anti-inflammatory and controls the permeability of the vessels (antiedematous activity).Its main clinical indication is chronic venous insufficiency, a picture that is caused when the blood has difficulty returning from the veins of the lower extremities to the heart.



This healing herb native of Peru has traditionally been used for over 2000 years in folk medicine because goodness.Plant cat's claw also receives other names like samento, rangaya, squiggle, bejucote, cat's claw in English and tomentosa Uncaria in its Latin name.For medicinal purposes they are mainly used its root and bark and with them a medicinal infusion is prepared.Cat's claw is a climbing plant that grows wild mainly in Central America and can reach more than 18 meters high.Ithas a very characteristic thorns claw that are responsibleforthe name giventothe plant.

Las propiedades del Diente de león debemos dirigirlas hacia las raíces, especialmente, ya que es la parte utilizada para los tratamientos terapéuticos.
Compuestos activos del diente de león: aceites esenciales, taninos, vitaminas B y C, alcaloides, sacarosa, gluten, potasio, caucho (en látex), inulina, colina, saponinas.
  • Anemia:Especie vegetal que contiene más hierro en sus hojas.
  • Hepático:Es uno de los mejores colagogos vegetales que se conocen (produce secreción de la bilis), previene cálculos en la vesícula biliar, útil en insuficiencia hepática, angiocolitis, colecistitis y colelitiasis.
  • Digestivo:Sus capullos, antes de abrir, abren el apetito, indicado en casos de inapetencia o trastornos alimentarios. Junto a otras verduras mejora la digestión y puede usarse como tónico amargo para las dispepsias, ya que neutraliza la acidez estomacal.
  • Laxante:Su función suave ayuda a aliviar el estreñimiento (5 g. al día de extracto fluido)
  • Diurético y hepatoprotector:indicado en situaciones que se necesite eliminar toxinas  de la sangre- colesterol, ácido úrico, diabetes, urticaria, mala circulación, etc. o para realizar dietas de adelgazamiento ya que ayuda a evitar retención de líquidos (decocción de 100 g. de raíces en un litro de agua)
  • Gracias a su función diurética también está indicado para uso de extracción de piedras o arenilla en el riñón.
  • Está relacionado también contra las hemorroides por su acción cicatrizante, y con la artritis por su acción antiinflamatoria.
  • Vit A:Antioxidante, que ayuda a neutralizar los radicales libres, causantes de enfermedades degenerativas. Ayuda a la conservación de la piel, previniendo eccemas, psoriasis, acné, herpes, etc.  Vitamina necesaria para evitar enfermedades de la vista, como la ceguera nocturna, cataratas o el glaucoma.
  • Vit C y Ácido Fólico:Protege el feto de malformaciones.
  • Fósforo:Ayuda a mantener sanos nuestros dientes, pelo y huesos.
  • Calcio:Buen desarrollo de los huesos y prevención de la osteoporosis. Evita problemas circulatorios como trombos en arterias o la hipotensión.

The echinacea is primarily known for boosting the immune system, help prevent the common cold, and asaremedy effective against the flu.Unlike antibiotics are designed to kill all bacteria, echinacea helps our own immune system preparing for fighting bacteria and viruses, reducing the symptoms and recovery time in convalescence.

Published by the scientific journal The Lancet, research indicates that the herbal remedy made ​​from echinacea decreases the chances of gettingtheflu by 85%.The researchers also say the plant helps cure the flu faster, since symptoms desaparen about 36 hours earlier than normal to last.

Although Echinacea is generally used internally for the treatment of viruses and bacteria,it isincreasingly being used more for the treatment of infections and external wounds.


  • Aumenta la inmunidad y resistencia del organismo.
  • Protección ante infeciones del sistema respiratorio.
  • Accionantiseptica y antiinflamatoria.
  • Acción antioxidante.
  • Problemas de cicatrización (acción cicatrizante).
  • El Fiprost Forte es un producto formulado con ingredientes que aportan una serie de nutrientes que gozan de un una amplio espectro de aplicación y que ayudan a prevenir y mejorar los síntomas de la hiperplasia prostática benigna.

Garcinia Cambogia is a tree that grows in southern India, the pulp of the fruit and bark are the parts used therapeutically.

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