Ginkgo biloba is a tree native to China. It is considered a living fossil as it is the only copy that remains of his species, extinct for millennia.

It reaches 35 meters high and has a cone-shaped edible fruit at first whitish and yellowish when ripe. Its leaves are deciduous, fan-shaped light green and about 5 to 15 cm.

They ginkgo biloba have therapeutic properties that have given fame.



Glucomannan is a fiber extracted from the root of the Konjac plant common in India and Indochina, being used in slimming diets.

  • Estimular su produccion permite reducir los estados depresivos o de ansiedad y volvera disfrutar de un sueño de calidad.
  • Permite reducir los estados de ansiedad y depresivos sin afectar al funcionamiento natural del cerebro, al contrario que los antidepresivos de sintesis.

  • Aumenta el metabolismo celular, activando la combustion de las grasas, estimulando la secrecion de adrenalina, la cual contribuye a acelerar el metabolismo.
  • Es de gran utilidad en dietas de control de peso, para aumentar el metabolismo y evitar la fatiga.
  • Reduce el apetito y aporta vitalidad, por oo que ayuda a delgazar.
  • Mejora la circulación sanguinea, debido a su contenido en bases xanticas.
  • Produce vasoconstriccion en el lecho vascular cerebral.
  • Es un poderoso estimuante mental. 


The devil'sclaw or Devil'sclaw is one of the most potent natural anti-inflammatory, and thisisthe key to its success in natural medicine.

The Devil'sClaw (Harpagophytum precumbens) is a perennial plant native to southern Africa, the regions bordering the Kalahari Desert in Namibia today.

Its fruit that lies at ground level is woody, 10 to 20 length and is provided with shaped projections or hooks claws.Hence it is also known as Devil's Claw.

Tuberous taproot is very long and it leaving a secondary roots similar to peanuts with a strongly bitter taste that gives the therapeutic effect.

The part used is the tuberous secondary roots and chopped.


El higado es un organo vital para vuestra saludo y biniestar, por eso Jaw3 ha preparado este producto para prevenir y cuidar el higado y asi mejorar tu binenestar. 

  • Es extremadamente rico en acidos Omega 3 (EPA y DHA) y en vitaminas A y D.
  • Se toma con frecuencia para evitar un efecto positivo sobre la salud del corazon, huesos y el cerebro, asi como mejorar la piel, el pelo y las uñas.
  • La vitamina D puede disminuir a reducir el riesgo a desarrollar ciertos tipos de cancer, reduciendo notablemente las posibilidades de contraer cancer de pecho, de ovario o de colon.
  • Durante el embarazo, reduce el riesgo de padecer diabetes juvenil de tipo 1 en neonatos.
  • Durante la lactancia, mejora e nivel de acidos grasos en la leche materna, lo que promueve el desarrollo optimo y tambien incrementa los niveles de Vitamina A para prevenir infecciones.


Horsetail existed since ancient times and in antiquity its many medicinal properties were exploited for health care.

Horsetail, Equisetum arvense L in Latin, is millions of years old and in those times was as high as a palm plant.

It is a perennial plant (returns every year), with hollow stems and buds, at first, seem to asparagus.

This plant grows in almost all parts of the world in cool, temperate places and not too far from the water.
In some places it is considered a weed.


Hyaluronic acidis a molecule with many properties for the simple reason that is very abundant in our body.


The St. John's wort (hypericum perforatum) is so named because its collection begins for the day of San Juan and continues during the months of July and August.

Its flowers are yellow and with the leaves are the parts used in this plant.
The oil is extracted it is also used.

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