Blueberries are berries containing very few sugars, and are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. Among the properties that has included the following:

Astringent and antidiarrheal. The blueberries are rich in components that will help us to stop the growth of bacteria, and treat ailments of the digestive tract such as diarrhea, indigestion, intestinal inflammations or gastroenteritis. And thanks to its astringent effects healing is favored.


This healing herb native of Peru has traditionally been used for over 2000 years in folk medicine because goodness.Plant cat's claw also receives other names like samento, rangaya, squiggle, bejucote, cat's claw in English and tomentosa Uncaria in its Latin name.For medicinal purposes they are mainly used its root and bark and with them a medicinal infusion is prepared.Cat's claw is a climbing plant that grows wild mainly in Central America and can reach more than 18 meters high.Ithas a very characteristic thorns claw that are responsibleforthe name giventothe plant.

The Cranberry also well known by its English name "cranberry", belongs to a group of shrubs of small stature, with stems that do not exceed half a meter tall, growing in the colder areas of the northern hemisphere, especially in North America and Canada. It has a dark pink flower and fruit is a white berry initially, but when ripe acquires an intense red color. Its fruits are edible, and its flavor is more acidic than sweet.

It has a long history of use by Native American Indian tribes primarily for the treatment of urinary diseases. The Vaccinium is a genus of shrubs of the family Ericaceae that includes all species called blueberry. This genus contains about 450 species whose habitat is mainly cold regions of the northern hemisphere, although there are tropical species in regions as far apart as Madagascar and Hawaii.

  • Esta planta ayuda a prevenir la proliferación de células cancerosa.
  • Puede mejorar los casos de prostatitis
  • Estimula la curacion y cicatrización de heridas
  • Mejora los casos de asma y bronquitis
  • Se usa para combatir el herpes (genital y el zoster)
  • Regula el ciclo menstrual
  • Estimula el funcionamiento del sistema inmunológico
  • Combate los radicales libres
  • Es muy eficaz para los casos de debilidad general
  • Reduce los dolores articulares y musculares
  • Mejora las enfermedades inflamatorias como por ejemplo la artritis, bursitis, reuma, etc.
  • Te ayuda a depurar los riñones
  • Es anticoagulante de la sangre
  • Previene enfermedades cardiacas
  • Ayuda a regular los desequilibrios hormonales
  • La uña de gato favorece el buen funcionamiento del tracto digestivo
  • Acelera la recuperación en casos de resfriado, otitis, conjuntivitis y sinusitis.
  • Combate los hongos
  • Las personas que padecen de colitis, gastritis, úlceras estomacales, enfermedad de Crohn o alteraciones de la flora intestinal, pueden beneficiarse de las propiedades de la uña de gato para mejorar estas dolencias.
  • Te ayuda a eliminar toxinas del organismo