• Estimula el metabolismo celular y la regeneración de los tejidos. 
  • Controla la presion arterial, 
  • Estimula el sistema inmunologico.
  • Tiene propiedades anticancerigenas.
  • Potente antioxidante.


Nature provides a wide variety of spices, products that not only provide spectacular flavors to foods, but also contain components very beneficial for our body. In the specific case of black pepper, it is a formidable ingredient for seasoning culinary preparations and step to reduce the use of salt in them.

Black pepper provides meals that spicy and aromatic, so characteristic flavor, but also gives benefits to health, it functions as a natural stimulant of gastric secretions. Thus, it favors the digestive processes in the stomach. But this is not the only positive contribution to our body. The benefits of black pepper are amazing and it is best to continue discovering more and more.

  • Por carencias nutrionales, es recomandable practicamente para cualquier persona.
  • Combate el cansancio y compensa las demandas nutritivas que implica el estres que implica el estres, coonvalecientes o tercera edad.

The Cranberry also well known by its English name "cranberry", belongs to a group of shrubs of small stature, with stems that do not exceed half a meter tall, growing in the colder areas of the northern hemisphere, especially in North America and Canada. It has a dark pink flower and fruit is a white berry initially, but when ripe acquires an intense red color. Its fruits are edible, and its flavor is more acidic than sweet.

It has a long history of use by Native American Indian tribes primarily for the treatment of urinary diseases. The Vaccinium is a genus of shrubs of the family Ericaceae that includes all species called blueberry. This genus contains about 450 species whose habitat is mainly cold regions of the northern hemisphere, although there are tropical species in regions as far apart as Madagascar and Hawaii.

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